This was my second trip with Coronation Travel, and both trips were to the set of ‘Coronation Street’ and beyond.  I can whole heartedly vouch for this company. Let me tell you…they have thought of everything, so you can just go along for the ride and enjoy it all. That’s not to say you will be complacent or bored. There is so much to see and do on a Coronation Travel Tour that there is no time to be bored, but there is not so much to do that you feel worn out either. They managed to build in opportunities to give you a rest/break if you want it without having to miss out on any group events.

The accommodations were always clean and comfortable because the hotels we stayed in were very good ones. Whenever there was a group meal, it was always very good…this is not a “soup and sandwich are good enough” kinda tour. Indeed, the meals were always at lovely places with ample choice.

The places we visited were varied and we always had knowledgeable guides to give us the history and much more.  I cannot say enough about our hosts/guides, in particular Neville and Marilyn, who are just the kind of people you would want to have along as a guide. Marilyn is knowledgeable, helpful, alert, calm, humourous and we love her English accent. Neville is a gracious host, making sure he spends time with everyone, and he does it all with a wonderful spirited sense of humour. He is smart, kind and just good fun to be around.

If this is a ‘Coronation Street’ tour you are considering, I can tell you that it is very exciting…like Christmas when you were a kid! Everyone is in high spirits on the way to the set and the excitement remains throughout the visit and beyond. Our host was from the show and he gave tidbit tales about the actors and the sets. The best was when he gave us ‘behind-the-scenes’ information about, for example, the reason for the colour of the walls or fake magazines titles on the shelves at The Kabin. We saw our share of ‘stars’, which was thrilling, and for me, walking around the actual sets that you see on TV was just as exciting.

The group was wonderful and so much fun! Many people who were on my first trip were also on my second trip, and many of us still keep in touch. We were really such a happy group, and that is largely due to the planning and organization of Coronation Travel. Everything worked as planned, or if there were any problems, we didn’t hear about them. There was nothing that was a hassle or that needed fixing, from our accommodation and meals to our bus trips and tours.

I recommend Coronation Travel for their professionalism, experience and understanding of what travelers want, and I look forward to seeing what future tours they have in the works.

Susan Mowat– Personal Insurance Administrator,  Bedford, NS

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