The Coronation Street and Strawberry Fields Tour encompassed everything that we could want to see. For the fans of Coronation Street the visit with an actual stars of the show and then the tour of the sets and location areas were phenomenal and worth the price of the tour just for this aspect. Of course there was so much more included with a trip to Stonehenge, the Tower of London and other available excursions such as Windsor Castle. The amazing thing was that there was something for everyone in our family aged from 10 to 65 with teenagers included. The itinerary included such a variety of villages, towns and cities giving a great experience of the many aspects of England’s landscapes, people and historical architecture. The walled city of York was a favorite of all family members with its wonderful church, shopping, unique cobbled alleys. The hotels were all located in areas that were family friendly and secure which made it easy to shop, enjoy local pubs and eateries, and take side trips of personal sightseeing interest without large transportation costs. The food provided at all the hotel establishments was of excellent quality. We were able to take a little side trip to see Churchill’s grave which was wonderful and made quite an impression on us by how very simple and serence of a final resting place such a great leader chose.

The Coronation Street tour was excellent with the extra stops to sites they use for on location shoots. The church stop where they shoot all the funerals and weddings was so fun. The vicar was very entertaining. Jenny McAlpine was great ensuring that we all were able to get photos with her and have signed autographs/photos. And Stephen Arnold could not have been more gracious and patient visiting at our hotel answering volumes of questions and posing for photos. It was well beyond anything I had dreamed of. It made our trip.

Dara Lee

Nova Scotia